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Cozinha da Terra

The old house of wealthy farmers of the 17th century remains intact, comfortable, welcoming and refined, contributing for a unique and memorable gastronomic experience for those who visit us. At Cozinha da Terra we open the doors to our restaurant, inviting you to live an experience of senses and flavors and to travel back in time.

The relationship with the surrounding rurality, the selection of products and the human warmth make Cozinha da Terra a place to return to. The wooden beam ceilings, the simple and rustic decoration and the well preserved and restless wood oven, transform this house into an intimate and timeless space, where gastronomy intertwines with the roots of our culture.

Here, at Cozinha da Terra, we maintain traditions allowing those who visit us to feel the nostalgia of past times. Come to Cozinha da Terra and enjoy the taste of our passion.


Tuesdays we open specially for groups

Wednesday to Sunday

12:30 to 15:00

Wednesday and Thursday

19:30 to 22:00
(For groups of 12 or more people)

Friday and Saturday

19:30 to 22:00

Teresa Ruão

Cozinha da Terra

Born and raised in “Casa de Louredo”, a rural house that dates back to the beginning of our nationality, Teresa Ruão is a destinguished person in the world of traditional Portuguese cuisine.
She keeps fond memories of this house, ruled by the motto and inspiration of noble welcoming and the art of a good service, .

Since childhood she recalls the buzz and bustle around the kitchen, a privileged space in this house, where meticulous meals were prepared for friends and guests.

Self-taught par excellence she is the living proof of those who love the past, treating it with wisdom, transforming it into a delicious present.
Her “Cozinha da Terra” is a place to socialize and appreciate the best of traditional Portuguese cuisine, with the unmistakable flavor of old recipes.


Rolled on a base of simple, very thin and crispy dough, filled with smoked meat and cheese.

Our vegetable gratin is healthy, nutritious and tasty. A good suggestion to start a meal.

Famous and traditional codfish prepared in a fluffy dough, made with homemade eggs and flavored with herbs from our backyard.

Main course

Perfect to share between 2

Seasoned fried pork with chestnuts and ‘papas de sarrabulho’ (shredded pork in gravy thickened with blood).

Octopus sauteed in olive oil and garlic, tender and full of flavor, drizzled with the cooking sauce and fine herbs.


High fillet codfish, poached and served inside a bread in a vegetable bed, cooked in the oven before going to your table.

Freshly made duck rice with a smoked ham stew and seared in oven before served. This dish was granted 1st place in the National Gastronomy Contest in 2002.



Apple tart made with our tasty national ‘reineta’ apple. Served warm with cream and cinnamon. Not very sweet but intensely delicious.

Freshly baked walnut muffin served with soft egg ice cream and egg cream

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Cozinha da Terra


Our awards over the years


3º Prémio do concurso de gastronomia Capão à Freamunde


1º Prémio do concurso de gastronomia “Capão à Freamunde”


1º Prémio do concurso de gastronomia “Capão à Freamunde”


1º Classificado do Concurso Nacional De Gastronomia da Região do Douro Litoral e Minho , na categoria de “Carne” (Arroz de Pato)


1º Classificado do Concurso Nacional de Gastronomia (a nível nacional), também com o mesmo prato de “carne” (arroz de pato)


Criação e desenvolvimento de um doce regional “Cavaco” com patente registada


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa


Premio Gastronómico Panela ao Lume, atribuído pela “Confraria Panela ao Lume” na Categoria de “Restaurante Tradicional”


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa


Considerado um dos 100 melhores restaurantes de Portugal em escolha feita por 4 dos maiores Chefs Nacionais de Cozinha, publicada pela revista Sábado


Revista Visão Gourmet, incluiu o Queque de Noz com Ovos Moles, da Cozinha da Terra uma das 10 melhores sobremesas de Portugalo


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa


Prémio W-spot


Distinção como restaurante “Garfo de Ouro” pelo livro Boa Cama Boa Mesa

Casa de Louredo

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